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You're viewing another boring site...

Don't be mad if you find nothing interesting... but why did you visit my site, anyway?? "Hmm... her site might be interesting." and so you thought.... WRONG!!! Yadda yadda yadda... enough of that. So you wanna know what is in there?? An alien, perhaps?? Yeah right, ain't no way an alien can go inside a computer and be seen by million people in the world. This is basically a regular site... where people admire their face and decided to put it in their site... I'm not one of them. I don't really admire my face... wait til you see me in the morning. It's more like the beast PLUS Krueger combo. (I ain't THAT ugly, you know).
You're bored alREADY?? Don't READ it then... I mean, I've got plenty of times right now. Which means, I have the time to tell you about my life stories. Starting with me eating my booger when I was a kid... EEWWW GROSS!!! Why did I even do that? Hey, I was a KID. Lord knows what kids do when they were little. Now that I'm a BIG KID, I usually smile a LOT in front of the mirror... (just because I wanted to know what my face will look like in case any cute guys smile at me)
Oh yeah, did I tell you that I once had this super crush on my OWN cousin!!! (or was he my nephew? I don't know... it's too complicated. All I know is that he is my relative) My auntie visited her husband's relative and she invited me to join her. That's how I met that dude... I slept in his room... whehehee... but then again, no point of telling you this because nothing else happened. We were YOUNG, for goodness sake... don't be expecting something out of the ordinary. Jeez.... what were y'all thinking...
Are you still reading my story?? Man, I'm getting tired of typing this (oops... you're a girl?? My bad... I didn't mean to say "man") You're not mad, are you? Don't even try to sue me 'cause I ain't got a penny... I'm broke... so please be kind to me. Be kind, please rewind... HUH? What the...??!!
Anyway... just enter my site already, don't let me babble like this...
"This girl IS insane... I just want to see what her site looks like. I didn't sign up to read her weird story..." and so you thought.......

If you're single or just want to have some fun... fill out the application right next to this message. (NoOOoOOo... I'm not looking for a boyfriend...) Girls, don't be afraid when I asked whether you're cute or not. I might hook you up with another cute dude. Got it babe??
Or we all can just be friends!!!! KILL HATRED... KILL RACISM... KILL EVIL....... *why can't we be friends... why can't we be friends?*
Once I have all kings/queens candidate... I will post their pictures and e-mail addresses, so that you guys can contact one another. (that is if you want to have your picture published)
But then again, this is not a dating service. This is just for fun.
Choose them wisely, because in the end... the heart is always what counts.


your full name, yo!!
are you a king/queen??
sooo... are you cute?
if yes, gimme your email, man!!
Can I be your matchmaker?

so, if you want to complain about how boring my site is... contact me at and you know I won't be reading your complaint.